In our online store of natural products, you can buy natural soap with various useful ingredients.

After trying high-quality, organic soap, made with love, you will not want to go back to soap that is made from synthetic components.

Natural handmade soap is an ecological and clean product, especially if it is made “from scratch”. This method of soap production involves the use of alkali. The advantage of such soap is not only its naturalness, but also great economy, as the soap is quite hard.

Depending on the method of preparation, soap can contain from 3 to 15 percent of oils that will care for the skin, the so-called excess oil. These oils do not react with alkali, but are intended specifically to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Natural solid soap contains many useful and unusual additives: clay of various types, salt, coffee, milk, oils, tar, etc. These ingredients have different properties, for example, soap with clay can be used instead of shaving foam, as it has a sliding effect. Coffee soap perfectly scrubs the skin, exfoliating keratinized particles. Soap with salt has healing and disinfecting properties.

We are pleased to offer you natural handmade soaps for shower and bath, for children and adults, for body, for hair, with therapeutic effect and with the effect of aromatherapy… On our part, we have made every effort to create the best natural soap for you based on the gifts of nature.

All natural handmade soap is made from scratch and exclusively from high-quality natural raw materials of plant origin, which meets all norms and standards. Our natural soap is not just handmade soap, but a cosmetic product that carefully cares for your skin.